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Russians use a legal back door to US citizenship, a baby boom in Miami

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This is the type of story that you cannot make up, or even exaggerate because it is so fantastical.

NBC news reports a tourism boom in Russia that arranges for expecting Russian mothers to nest in luxurious hotels until they give birth. Some of the top lodging advertised by Russian agencies is from the Donald Trump brand.

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A Post-Christmas gift: build a wall … of holiday trees for Louisiana coastline

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After Christmas, thousands of trees sit curbside by its former owners without a destination, but the dumpster.

Now, good wood finds its home along the marshes of Louisiana to deal with the region’s severe coastal erosion. And the plan works.

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Virginia’s wall against Trump grows stronger: Charlottesville elects first black woman mayor

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Charlottesville mayor-elect, Nakuyah Walker.

“Tiki Torch Bearers Beware” should be a billboard posted in the entry of Charlottesville, Va.

The next time white nationalists consider bombarding the city with a racist-based campaign, they will realize that they just put a black woman in office with locs to change a fractured city.

Last week, Charlottesville made history with two firsts. The city’s voters elected their first independent who is also the first African American female mayor, Nakuyah Walker.

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Central America, Caribbean breathe relief after tsunami threat passes

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A tsunami threat placed Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean on edge.

Officials issued a tsunami warning following an earthquake off of the coast of Honduras. With a 7.6 magnitude, the tremor shook the Central American nation along with its neighbors, Belize and Mexico. 

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La Habana on my Mind: Cuba travel

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Walking into parts of Havana, Cuba is like time traveling in three distinct eras.

Aligned along cobblestone streets are neoclassical buildings hinting an old Spain when Moors dominated politics and education. The architecture of ornate eaves and chiseled balconies lend to a baroque style of gaudy and dopeness rolled into puro cigars.

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California cannot catch a break with mother nature: deadly December wildfires, followed by killer January mudslides

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Rain is a gift and curse in Southern California.

And if they say it never rains in the area, they lied.

This time, torrential rains from the first major winter storm, flooded the area then caused mudslides that left 17 people dead, hundreds evacuated and over 300 properties destroyed.

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The purge: Israel gives African migrants two options – leave or jail

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Israeli right-wing dominant government works to remove African refugees.

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Activist Erica Garner burial services

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Hundreds of mourners attended the funeral of activist Erica Garner on Monday, January 8. Garner, a 27-year-old-mother-of-two and social activist suffered an asthma attack that triggered a massive heart attack.

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