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Italy halts all outdoor activity, save for pharmacies and grocery stores

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Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced tighter restrictions to stop the spike in coronavirus infections, deaths

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La Zona Rossa Diaries: Black, American and quarantined in Italy

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I am writing from La Zona Rossa, “the red zone,” in Florence, Italy. 

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21 ways to recharge during the worm moon

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Man sits on beach looking at stars

Keep your energy high and recharge during this full moon.

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Black walks in white neighborhoods

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In this simple Facebook post, David Summers narrates how an innocent pedestrian attempting to enjoy a morning stroll turns into a reminder of the constant pressure and profiling as a Black man in the US.

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Get off that phone and do something: 31 Great activities for Women’s History Month

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  • IWD-dmitry-dreyer-gHho4FE4Ga0-unsplash-scaled.jpg
  • IWD-peter-boccia-LOyaOZu6g4Q-unsplash-scaled.jpg
  • IWD-students-doing-painting-during-drawing-class-at-university-rooftop_t20_ywLPjO-scaled.jpg
  • IWD-wine-tasting-winery-friends-tour-party-pour-glass-alcohol-food-and-drink-celebrate-fun-happy-times_t20_GJ1p66-scaled.jpg
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  • IWD-beautiful-young-black-woman-writing-notes-at-cafe-PJ93C3Q-scaled.jpg
  • IWD2-outdoor-portrait-of-a-cute-young-black-little-PAUUP54-scaled.jpg
  • IWD2-young-mother-and-her-child-girl-reading-a-book-PFK6WNB-scaled.jpg
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  • IWD-people-attending-dance-class-in-community-center-ZY6UWA4-scaled.jpg
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Today is International Women’s Day, a celebration acknowledging women. Why don’t we participate in something that moves women’s rights, lives and initiatives.

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25 Museums and tours featuring Black cultural contributions

in Ark Weekender/Arts & Culture by

So what, Black History is over. We know that exploring the impact and contributions of Blacks in the US goes beyond a month. Indulge and explore these great museums archiving incredible histories.

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9 Tips for mothers who take their sons to the barbershop | The Grooming Blueprint

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Mothers take their sons to the barbershop more times than we know. Some are experts, while others are still figuring out how to get the best service. These essential tips can help you.

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Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx in a heated campaign for reelection

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With the Democratic primary weeks away, Kim Foxx’s re-election bid positions her as a progressive prosecutor for residents, but not welcomed by law enforcement.

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University of California graduate students plan statewide protest

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  • Strike-scaled.jpeg
    Graduate Students at UC Davis voice support of peers fired at UC Santa Cruz for striking. Photo Credit: Twitter handle @payusmoreucsb
  • UC-Davis-Strike.jpeg
    Demonstration at UC Santa Cruz.
  • Strike-Cola.jpeg
    Graduate student strike in California started early Wednesday morning. Protestors prepare to convene at noon. Photo credit: COLA Agitation Committee
  • Strke-Students-protest-at-UC-Irnive-during-Howard-Gillmans-talk.jpeg
    Striking students protest at UC Irvine during Howard Gillman's talk. Photo credit: Jonathan Friedman
  • Strike-scaled.jpeg
    Graduate Students at UC Davis voice support of peers fired at UC Santa Cruz for striking. Photo Credit: Twitter handle @payusmoreucsb

After the firing of dozens of graduate students at UC Santa Cruz, University of California students throughout the state will march in a growing campaign for an increase in living wages.

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Missed Ghana’s ‘Year of Return’? No worries, here are 8 significant, historical sites you should visit | Photo + Story

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Ghana’s “Year of Return” initiative sparked a movement of Blacks and Africans in the diaspora to journey to “The Motherland.” The year long campaign allowed visitors to explore and travel to important sites that tell of a rich history and narrative nuanced about slavery and before. While Ghana has its significance, there are many more locations to travel than the Door of No Return. Go see for yourself.

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