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Chestnuts, a Portuguese street food

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“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire …” are far from a dreamy, magical romantic Christmas night. In Portugal, chestnuts are a staple.

Roasted chestnuts are popular street food sold around November, when Dia de São Martinho (St. Martin’s Day) is celebrated across the country on November 11th. Traditionally, newly harvested chestnuts are eaten around a bonfire that date and the treat is eaten during the autumn season.

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A booty call by US Senate

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Sometime between last call for alcohol and BET’s Uncut, the majority #Republican Senate voted in a tax bill that will overhaul current tax codes.

While the GOP says that the new tax codes would be economically beneficial, congressional analysis reveals that it would add $1 trillion dollars in debt. Democrats on tax committees complained that details of changes have been left out. With only providing a draft of the tax bill to lawmakers a few hours before casting ballots, Democrats are flummoxed.

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Feminist, indigenous woman runs for president of Mexico

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Indigenous political candidates in Mexico emerge to change corruption in government and electoral process. Marla de Jesus Patricio Martinez, who goes by Marichuy, travels the country seeking support from indigenous communities to run for office in 2018.

Her popularity rises as she holds a platform celebrating working class and poor indigenous people, a population Marichuy says are underrepresented in electoral politics; and often an institution excluding their participation.

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Conyers contemplates resignation

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Days after US Congressman John Conyers (D-MI) stepped down as ranking member of House Judiciary Committee amid a congressional investigation, he released a statement via his attorney saying that he will announce his future in politics due to health concerns.

The move follows Nancy Pelosi and other high ranking Democrats and Republicans asking him to step down from recent allegations from former aides of sexual misconduct. Additionally, it came out that he misused office funds to pay for a monetary settlement from a complaint of a former female staffer.

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African slave trade in Libya is old business in Arabia

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The Libyan city of Sabha has turned into the collector of Sub-Saharan African bones. After treks across the desert through North Africa then sailing on the Mediterranean to Europe, many hopeful immigrants’ bodies turn up in the overflowing local morgue.

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Flynn sings like a bird, Mueller stings like a bee

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Briefly serving as national security adviser to U.S. President Donald Trump, Michael Flynn plead guilty for lying to the F.B.I. about conversations with Russia’s ambassador on matters regarding Israel. He enters into a please, agreeing to cooperate with authorities.

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Disaster capitalism is a disaster

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), gave more than $30 million in contracts to newly formed corporation, Bronze Star, to deliver emergency tarps and plastic sheeting for building repairs in post-hurricane devastated Puerto Rico.

They never did.

FEMA canceled their contractual relationship with Bronze Star, and said that money was not meted to the company. Now Puerto Ricans must brace for more days of exposure to the elements; furthering mold and other damage to homes, as well as exposure to health hazards.

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Crown and Glory: Miss Universe 2017’s second runner up sports natural during competition

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The world continues to fall in love with  Davina Bennet, who receives accolades for wearing her natural hair for the prestigious pageant.

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FCC gives more power to big telecom

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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) unveiled a proposal to modify or eliminate the cap on how many television and radio stations a broadcast company can own.

Presented last week, around the same time that the FCC voted in favor of reversing net neutrality, the proposal poises major corporations to the consolidate more power.

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Let’s talk about immigration, ‘shithole’ countries and a ‘shithole’ president

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Ever notice that nobody highlights the fact that the fastest growing racial demographic in America is Asian? Yes, it really is.

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