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Black Panther movie inspires conversation around African architecture | Podcast

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Ark Republic’s first podcast interviews Nmadili Okwumabua, an urban planner and founder of research company, Sub Sahara. As a professor and researcher who travels between Atlanta and Abuja, Okwumabua advocates to expand and develop modern African architecture.

Upon the recommendation of an admirer of her work, Okwumabua converged her exhibition of African architecture with the Black Panther Marvel film into a poster series.
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Ark Republic becomes associate members of Communications Workers of America Local 38010

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Ark Republic solidified this week its affiliation as associate members of Communication Workers of America through the Newspaper Guild of Greater Philadelphia.

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Puerto Ricans push back against the privatization of schools

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In the midst of residents picking up the pieces of their lives from the rumble of two category 5 hurricanes, they find themselves in another storm — fighting the looming possibility of the privatization of their schools.

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Ark Republic partners with AERI, co-sponsors event featuring iconic hip hop artist Roxanne Shanté

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Ark Republic joins Rolanda Spencer of Alternative Education Research Institute (AERI) and the Chicago Teachers Union Foundation with AERI’s Break Bread and Build event with legendary emcee and women’s and girls advocate, Roxanne Shanté from March 29 – March 31.

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Ark Republic announces new management team

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Ark Republic announced today the formation of its management team to help lead the startup into its next phase of growth.

Effective immediately Stephanie Arnold joins the staff as managing editor. Arnold, a veteran newspaper and digital journalist, will lead day-to-day editorial strategy, audience engagement operations, as well as oversight of the team of editors and contributors. 

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California’s Proposition 64 reduces convictions for marijuana use

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San Francisco District Attorney announced that the office will automatically apply provisions of Proposition 64. The prop would get rid of past convictions relating to marijuana use dating back to 1975, or reduce sentence.

According to the Washington Post, past convictions related to marijuana use have impacted people’s ability to gainful employment, which in turn, creates higher risks for financial instability.

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Findings show positive economic impact of black colleges and universities

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The United Negro College Fund (UNCF) released the results of a study showing that Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) provide economic sustenance for the communities in which they are located.

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HBCU enrollment up, graduation rates down

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While enrollment numbers increase at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), the focus must shift on retaining and graduating students.

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San Juan, other areas suffers blackout, two power plants shut down

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Two power plants shut down on Thursday, causing blackouts in the capital San Juan, along with the neighboring municipalities of Bayamon, Caguas and Carolina.

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Silk Road 3.0: China’s growing global transportation network

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From sea to land, China’s assertive push in transportation boosts their connections to the world with so much efficiency that experts call it the new Silk Road.

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