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Back to black: shea moisture co-founder acquires Essence magazine

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Hair and body care entrepreneur, Richelieu Dennis announced the acquisition of Essence magazine.

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Phoenix rising: The story of Tyleshay Jones

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Shedding her old self to be anew
The phoenix rises from the ashes
Leaving behind layers of thick, weary skin
Dawning feathers of light, she floats into the sun
Firebird tails, laughter floating from a golden beak
Claws clipped like blinged-out wingtips
Turning heads, yet keeping focus
She’s got stories to tell and people to heal — K. Shivers

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Gladys Barker Grauer: speaking her mind then and now

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Have you ever met a Queen Mother in flesh and blood? I have.

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Banking on green: Credit unions and community banks cultivate banking services for cannabis industry

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The new year ushered in greener pastures, as marijuana laws decriminalized cannabis use in multiple states.

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The high cost of freedom: activist Erica Garner dead at 27

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On her death certificate, Erica Garner’s cause of death reads that her passing was due to a heart attack.

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Economic issues draw protests in Iran

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Photo credit: Aditya Saxena

Since last week, demonstrations took place in Tehran to protest rising economic issues.

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Green movement in Johannesburg sparks an urban African economic revolution

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Like wisps of hair sparsely scattered on the crown of an old man, the roof tops of high rises in Johannesburg slowly grow green hair. Ushering in “a green rush,” the city answers to budding concerns of food, urban development and job security.

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An Interview with Percussionist Wilson ‘Chembo’ Corniel: art is an improvisational expression

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At first there was the heartbeat then came the drum.

Worldwide known percussionist Chembo Corniel talks about how he uses the drum to paint his expressions of the world. In talking about the drum, he says it was the first “AT&T … our first transmitter,” that sent messages across the continent.

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