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AirBnb gentrification: the not-so-sharing economy

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When AirBnb launched the age-old idea of swapping housing or privately renting out quarters via a digital app, it was a revolutionary economic act.

Now as the short term rental industry expands, the complexions of cities change. On one hand, residents must share space for those looking for an “authentic” experience. In another light, renters who grew AirBnB must compete with aggressive property owners and real estate developers.

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HUD Secretary thinks public housing residents should make their own repairs

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At a forum hosted by conservative think tank, the Manhattan Institute, HUD Secretary, Ben Carson, offered a resolve to public housing on never-ending waiting lists for repairs—fix your broken toilets instead of waiting on landlords.

During his keynote address, at an event called, Prospects for Black America, Carson, suggests that a “make your own repairs” approach gives more agency to government housing residents.

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Native woman runs for Idaho Congressional seat

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Native woman, Paulette Jordan, announced that she will run for the Idaho governorship in 2018.

A Democrat, the 38-year-old serves in the Idaho House of Representatives as the only native in congress.

Jordan follows a growing list of women of color who enter politics for the first time or vie for higher positions since the election of Donald Trump as US president. More over, Jordan is one of the few Native women involved in politics; as a result, Native peoples, often underrepresented, welcome her candidacy.

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Chicago commissioner wants to bring in U.N. peacekeepers for gun violence

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Over the years, Chicago wears the stigma of being the gun violence capital of America.

Now, Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin works to change what he calls a “quiet genocide.” Last week, he announced plans to seek international help by appealing to the United Nations U.N.) and possibly bring in peacekeepers.

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Korean cryptocurrency exchange files for bankruptcy after second hacking

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Youbit, a South Korean exchange company was hacked and lost 4,000 of its digital coins. This morning at 4:35 am, they announced a second hacking with allegations placing North Korea as the culprit.

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GOP tax reform bill stimulates U.S. stocks, most Americans express concern

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U.S. stocks closed at a record high on Monday.

This was due to the growing confidence that the GOP will succeed in passing tax-cut legislation as early as this week.

With a 500-page overhaul on tax codes, the new proposed bill will lower the corporate tax rate to 21% from 35% and serve as an immediate boost to earning.

While nearly half of Americans oppose the GOP tax bill, Republicans move forward to implement tax codes that gut current codes.

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This holiday, invest in a black woman | Think Piece

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After the historic gubernatorial win in Alabama showed overwhelmingly high percentages of Black voters with women casting ballots backing a Democratic candidate at almost 100 percent, many mull over ways to galvanize the energy and momentum of that race.

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Spice, spice baby in Guadeloupe

in Culinary Traditions & Food Ways by

I thought Morocco was my only spice nirvana until I landed in Guadeloupe. Mon dieu!

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Sweeten the deal with lemons this holiday

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The American diet and sedentary lifestyle often leave bodies acidic which is fertile ground for sicknesses and disease.

A simple tea made from lemons stimulates your digestive system and helps alkaline the body.

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Thoughts on Alabama

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Three generations ago, blacks in Birmingham boycotted public transportation due to its segregation laws, and more so, the sadistic way in which whites regulated African Americans under Jim Crow rule.

Still, the spirits of four black girls whose lives were taken in the 16th Street Baptist Church Birmingham bombing, haunt the city.

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