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Newark’s BlueBerry Cafe provides vegan options in an unlikely place

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Blueberry Cafe, a vegan eatery nestles itself in a Boost Mobile and doobie hair salon on Central Avenue.

Just around the corner are several traps. It might appear to be odd to have a healthy cafe in the heart of Newark, Nj., but the people deserve the right to eat to live.

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Restoring ex-felons voting rights makes Florida ballots this fall

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An initiative to restore the voting rights to 1.5 million ex-felons will be on Florida’s ballot in mid-term elections.

If passed, convicted felons with the exception of those with murder or sexual offenses, will be able to vote after fully completing sentencing, including probation or parole.

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Black, Latino unemployment down because folk ain’t working

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Unemployment numbers are down for blacks and Latinos since 1972, but so is job creation.

While the current Administration takes credit for low unemployment, the reality is that many stopped looking for jobs and joined long-term joblessness.

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Koch network and Trump are bedfellows again

in Wealth Inequality by

A network of donors founded by billionaires Charles Francis de Ganahl and David Koch expressed their approval of Donald Trump at a gathering this weekend in Palm Springs, California.

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Clench and Release: Kegel exercises strengthen the yin and yang

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The Kegel is no longer only for women, as men are experiencing numerous benefits from this practice.

This exercise plays a major role in bladder and bowel control, as well as healthy sexual function in both sexes.

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450 hospitals respond to skyrocketing medication: cheaper generic drugs

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Growing concerns of prescription drug shortages and exorbitant pricing led to a collective of hospitals to jump into the generic drug game.

In a recent announcement, 450 hospitals said that they created a nonprofit generic drug company to make cheaper medications to supply the growing needs in health care.

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Cape Town water crisis will hit poor blacks, coloured populations hardest

in Africa & the Diaspora/Crisis & Natural Disasters by

The population most affected by the coming water shortage in Cape Town will be its poorest.

Mostly black and coloured (or mixed-race) South Africans living in squalor settlements outside of the city, already receive poor water, if any at all. Now they dread the coming scarcity as they fear that they will be blocked from the natural resource.

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Cape Town braces for severe water crisis

in Africa & the Diaspora/Crisis & Natural Disasters/Feature by

Extreme drought conditions in Cape Town accelerate emergency plans by city officials preparing for a severe water shortage.

With less than three months of clean water in reservoirs of the Western Cape Region, Cape Town, the second-largest South African city, is headed to becoming the first major city to run completely out of usable water.

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Gantalism outpost delves into the world of genius

in Arts & Culture by

Jerry Gant’s name is synonymous with Newark Art.

From his street hieroglyphs painted on light posts and leaves throughout the city, to murals and sculptures decorating the wards, Gant opened his personal gallery into an interactive space this weekend in, The Gantalism Outpost.

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Reflections on Oprah for president | Think Piece

in Politics & Social Justice by

KNOCK. IT. OFF. You know good and well that #Oprah2020 is a terrible idea that must not be given any more life.

And no, I am not about to launch into a personal attack on Oprah. Some of y’all get too excited about attacking Black women. Comin’ for Oprah’s neck like she announced she was running.

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