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This holiday, invest in a black woman | Think Piece

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After the historic gubernatorial win in Alabama showed overwhelmingly high percentages of Black voters with women casting ballots backing a Democratic candidate at almost 100 percent, many mull over ways to galvanize the energy and momentum of that race.

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Spice, spice baby in Guadeloupe

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I thought Morocco was my only spice nirvana until I landed in Guadeloupe. Mon dieu!

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Sweeten the deal with lemons this holiday

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The American diet and sedentary lifestyle often leave bodies acidic which is fertile ground for sicknesses and disease.

A simple tea made from lemons stimulates your digestive system and helps alkaline the body.

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Thoughts on Alabama

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Three generations ago, blacks in Birmingham boycotted public transportation due to its segregation laws, and more so, the sadistic way in which whites regulated African Americans under Jim Crow rule.

Still, the spirits of four black girls whose lives were taken in the 16th Street Baptist Church Birmingham bombing, haunt the city.

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St. Paul mayor elect Melvin Carter draws a master plan

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Inclusion, employment and community consolidate the agenda of incoming St. Paul, Minn. mayor’s Melvin W. Carter III.

For a candidate who called for police reform, and the first African American mayor, Carter works to recreate a city struggling with issues of inequity in education, employment and public safety.

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Bipartisanship plans for governors elect of Alabama, Virginia

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The historic Democrat gubernatorial wins in Alabama and Virginia, now have supporters somewhat confused about the political leanings of Doug Jones and Ralph Northam.

Not even sworn in, Jones and Northam raise alarm in speaking on future strategies, in recent interview.

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All American Pai: The FCC’s ‘Manchurian candidate’ leader

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The day before the vote by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) that decided to repeal net neutrality, its Chairperson, Ajit Pai released a video filled with a satirical skit that mocks the consumer’s use of the Internet.

His awkward jokes fall flat even more, days before when the former Verizon employee quipped at an event that he was a “Verizon puppet” that was installed as FCC chairman like a “‘Manchurian Candidate.’”

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Bitcoin ticks up again

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Early Monday, the nascent and highly popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, almost reached the $20,000 mark before slipping back to around $19,000.

Cryptocurrency is an internet-based currencies and payment that does not require banks to process payments. Unlike other traditional currency, the central bank does not hold cryptocurrency.

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Evolution of cornbread

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Cornbread is a staple in the US cuisine. The journey of it becoming an important dish transports cornbread between Africans, Natives and colonies of the Americas.

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Retail therapy: how a seasonal holiday job humbled me

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Two years ago around this time, my feet hurt like hell.

In 2015, I took a seasonal job at Bloomingdale’s to supplement my paltry adjunct professor and part-time researcher income. I was on the job market, but had yet to land a job that I wanted.

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