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Matito presents Only in L.A.: The best donuts in the free world

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I explored an important part of food culture in Los Angeles, the donut.

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US Virgin Islands electricity almost back up, yet struggles with internet

in Crisis & Natural Disasters by

Like a tale of two islands, while Puerto Rico wrangles to establish electricity, the US Virgin Islands is almost restored.

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CARICOM ramps up call for reparations after British Gov reveals recent tax dollars paid off slave owners restitution loan

in Africa & the Diaspora/Politics & Social Justice by

At a press conference held by the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM’s) Reparations Committee last week, the group’s chair, Sir Hilary Beckles, announced that an 1824 loan taken out by the British Government for restitution to British slave owners for its financial losses from the end of slavery, was just completed in 2015.

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Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, busted for hiding gun arms shares, list grows of unethical practices by Trump cabinet

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In the midst of gun reform, investigations expose that Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke hid his ownership of 1,000 shares in a private firearms company.

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Disemboweled: Haiti endures decades of foul foreign hostilities and policies

in Africa & the Diaspora/World Affairs by

Perhaps I am more disconcerted at the fact that one day in my high school class, I heard a 16-year-old white male child suggest that the U.S. should just go into Haiti with “guns-a-blazing and take over the country.”

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Representation matters: Food books by African American authors

in Culinary Traditions & Food Ways by

More than a culinary manual, African American cookbooks serve as critical texts in understanding history, culture and power.

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Toledo women’s group declares an ‘International Hijab Day’

in Africa & the Diaspora/Beauty & Aesthetic by
Ahmed Carter

Turban, tignon, gele, veil, duku, head scarf, al-amira, hijab—all traditions from different parts of the world in which women adorn their crowns.

And on any given day, you can see the array of cultural and religious halos in Toledo. As a result, a women’s organization in northwestern Ohio city noticed the growing trend of women wearing more head wraps and decided to put on a day honoring head wraps.

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Surging homelessness in LA County is an epidemic without a solution

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Tent districts, make-shift encampments and overwhelmed shelters are daily norms for Los Angeles County’s homeless and those who work with them. Sadly, the situation worsens.

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Oxfam loses support for staffers forcing sex work in Haiti, Chad

in Africa & the Diaspora/Non-Profit & Philanthropy by

UK-based charity, Oxfam reels in scandal after staff in two impoverished, black countries were accused of sexual misconduct.

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