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Ark Republic announces third Major Collaborative Project ’Cannabis: Legalize it + Criticize it + Advertise it’

Newark, N.J. (February 20, 2019) — Media start up, Ark Republic launches another major collaborative project (MCP) and is looking for some really great storytellers. Our MCPs are Ark Republic’s signature reporting initiative in which we call on the voices of the people to explore a theme, topic, event or person. For our second MCP, we will explore cannabis in as many angles as possible.

Ark Republic espouses to be a “media revolution” that holds the power and perspective of the people as its greatest resource. With that said, we are creating a multilingual, multimedia collaborative project that mobilizes the many voices that make up our stories. We call on storytellers such as professors, journalists, professionals, community members, artists, activists and everyday folk to tell a story that has many layers to unfold. 

Now, we ask you to be a part of this massive, powerful narrative. The title of the project, “Cannabis: Legalize it + Criticize it + Advertise it,” is inspired by Jamaican recording artist and Rastafarian, Peter Tosh who released, “Legalize it,” a single and album with the same name in 1976. The song advocated for the legalization of cannabis use on the Caribbean island. 

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