Declaration of Independence


We are the people … and the people deserve better.

We are a collective of dope and highly talented professionals who work to redirect the narrative and change the conversations within a nation that becomes increasingly divided.

We grew tired of media in general, and news specifically, neglecting voices and ideas that provide a robust perspective of today’s dialogue.

Consequently, we decided to wait no longer and build an Ark ushering in innovative and substantive stories; all the while, constructing a platform for productive interaction and discourse.

We break the notion that we must follow a template to produce and distribute our experiences, ideas, political discourse, social contributions, world views, issues, creative work and information.

We are local, national and global in our thought and actions, and represent a multitude of diasporas.

We are light.

We are courageous.

We are evolving.

We, are the people … build with us.

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