About Ark Republic


Ark Republic is a member-funded, advert-and-cookie free, digital outlet using multi-media to provide rich and robust stories, features, news and thoughts.

Comprised of both traditional journalist and non-sleuths, we are a collective working in a diverse range of industries who narrate, construct and converse in global dialogues and topics.

We examine the world through innovative storytelling techniques that borrow, create, adapt and re-purpose; thus, this platform is highly experimental.


Our mission is to sketch a new social constitution by telling stories that provide a platform for productive engagements. Thus, in 2018, we launched Major Collaborative Projects as our signature reporting initiative.


For years, Dr. Kaia Niambi Shivers, a media scholar and writer, expressed disappointment and exhaustion of the looped cable news cycle offering limited coverage of the world. As she shared her perspective, soon, she discovered it was a shared opinion amongst colleagues, fellow media practitioners and friends.

With that notion, she thought that it was time to create a platform for profound voices with ideas that could switch the focus in global dialogue and within today’s media landscape.