China still battles to alleviate coronavirus cases

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China’s state media reports the country has their covid-19 crisis under control. It does not.

A local source told Ark Republic that China, both on the mainland and in Hong Kong, are experiencing a second wave of infections. “Chinese citizens are returning home [from abroad], and are bringing coronavirus,” says a resident in China who asked to not be identified.

According to Ark Republic’s source, the second wave is a combination of returnees and local citizens who are still getting sick. As China began its recovery in early February, the rest of the world began to experience the crisis. Because countries have not taken precautions like China, many Chinese nationals decided to remigrate from Europe and the US. “People are not even wearing masks [in other countries]. You can’t do that in China,” says Ark Republic’s source.

Now at China’s international airports, returnees must be tested before they can enter into the country. Tests reveal that some planes carry dozens of covid-19 carriers, reports our sources. As a result, all who enter into China must observe a 14-day self-quarantine to await their health results.

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Included in China’s efforts to flatten the novel coronavirus, the administration still mandates communal quarantines. “Hong Kong is nothing but high-rises. Someone tested positive in a flat and they quarantined the whole building because they found out that the virus can travel through pipes,” said the Ark Republic source.

Along with quarantines, the country implemented a biometric bracelet that serves as a tracking device that monitors the sheltered-in. “You must take your temperature twice a day, and you can’t be on the street. If you do, you’ll get arrested and get six months in jail.”

Much of China’s citizens work in concert to reduce the rates of infection. “People get mad when people are walking on the street with a [tracking] bracelet. They’re like, ‘stay in the house,’” tells the source who says they arrested a 16-year-old girl who recently took a stroll with her father.

Bouncing back

Another issue that is hard to quell are ongoing demonstrations in the country since 2019. While protesters continue to advocate for Hong Kong’s independence, people fear that this creates the potential for a fertile ground in spreading covid-19. “The protests are not as much as they were before the virus, but people are like ‘can you wait until this virus goes away,’” explains the source.

Indeed, the rate of infections in the country are down and the country works to restore itself. At present, China’s focus is to reinvigorate their economy. To jump start its production, those who work in the hospitality industry like “hotels that have been shut down,” are now providing labor in factories. 

Currently, China is a major producer of medical supplies, pharmaceutical drugs and latex gloves, all important protective gear needed in hospitals. Due to the shortage caused when China stopped its manufacturing to deal with its covid-19 crisis, healthcare industries around the world experienced serious deficits in medical gear and equipment.

In the US, doctors reported medical professionals wearing shower caps and plastic shopping bags around their head as personal protective apparel. Since its gradual come back, China has supplied multiple countries with medical supplies. However, Spain reported today that they returned hundreds of thousands of tests because of faulty results.

China created its own covid-19 tests, along with the US. With the reports of their inaccuracy, also calls to question their data of those sick. Nonetheless, China has reopened a number of work sites to fuel global trade again.

Kaia Shivers covers diaspora, news and features.

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