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Venezuela’s Maduro continues to block US aid

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Hostilities between Venezuela and US ramp up in efforts to get food and other supplies to a nation on the brink of collapse. Despite starving citizens, Venezuela’s president, Nicolás Maduro, refuses outside intervention from the West.

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The Night Drive talks education leadership and saving lives with Dr. Gemar Mills

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The Night Drive (TND) with Nobi De Lon and Embassy get enlightened on how to save lives through education in their interview with Gemar Mills, the executive director of College Achieve Paterson Charter School.

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New developments ‘shift’ Chicago PD investigation of attack on ‘Empire’ actor, Jussie Smollett

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Hundreds of hours of reviewed footage and multiple interviews around the alleged homophic, racist attack of actor Jussie Smollett have led the Chicago Police Department to Olabinjo and Abimbola Osundairo, Nigerian bodybuilding brothers living in the city.

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Number 45’s border wall is still in red tape despite state of emergency declaration

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President Donald Trump attempts to circumvent Congress approval of funds, but the battle between the White House and the Capital about funding a border wall continues.

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Atlanta on my palette: A quick detour into Atlanta’s ever-changing, delicious food scene

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With the city’s rapid growth expanding outside of the 285 highway and into suburbia, the Georgia metropolis has grown into a food oasis.

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What’s new, Numa?

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In this evolve-or-die era, there’s always something new to love. Failing in that always presents the option to create the next crave for yourself. Actress, writer, visual artist and filmmaker, Numa Perrier’s life is this process in HD action.

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Q&A with Kindred Soul on series, ‘Kindred Presents: An Intimate Conversation & Performance’

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  • Kindred-Souls-Intimate-Conversation-Series.jpg
    Kindred Soul's Intimate Conversation Series. Photo credit: Embassy: Interactive
  • Kindred-Soul-s-Intimate-Conversation-with-Kwame.jpg
    Kindred Soul 's Intimate Conversation with Kwame. Photo credit: Embassy: Interactive
  • Kindred-Souls-Intimate-Conversation-Series-with-Kool-Moe-Dee.-Photo-credit-Embassy-Interactive.jpg
    Kindred Soul's Intimate Conversation Series with Kool Moe Dee. Photo credit: Embassy: Interactive
  • Kindred-Souls-Intimate-Conversation-with-Jaguar-Wright.jpg
    Kindred The Family Soul's Intimate Conversation with Jaguar Wright. Photo credit: Embassy: Interactive
  • Kwame-rocks-the-crowd-at-Kindred-Souls-performance-series.-Photo-credit-Embassy-Interactive.jpg
    Kwame rocks the crowd at Kindred The Family Soul's performance series. Photo credit: Embassy: Interactive
  • Jaguar-Wright-performs-new-jawns-and-signature-pieces-at-Kindred-Souls-intimate-concert-series.-Photo-credit-Embassy-Interactive.jpg
    Jaguar Wright performs new jawns and signature pieces at Kindred Soul's intimate concert series. Photo credit: Embassy: Interactive
  • Kindred-Presents-is-an-intimate-concert-series-by-husband-wife-duo-Fatiyn-and-Aja-Dantzler..jpg
    Kindred Presents is an intimate concert series by husband-wife duo Fatin and Aja Dantzler. Photo credit: Embassy: Interactive

Six albums and six babies into the careers of Aja Graydon and Fatin Dantzler, known as, Kindred The Family Soul, the husband-and-wife singing duo now add event curation to their extensive list of creative work.

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Blackface Northam jumps out of hot seat, Justin Fairfax lands in a maelstrom of sexual assault accusations

in Politics & Social Justice by

A glimpse at the governor’s mansion for Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax has turned into a scandal that leaves his political career, and possibly, his freedom in jeopardy.

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NYC crackdown on sale of CBD infused edibles

in Government & Policy/Health & Wellness by

Last week, Department of Health (DOH) officials began visiting restaurants in New York City which carry cannabidiol (CBD) edibles, bagging up the products, and marking them as ‘embargoed’.

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Thriller or Beat it: In a racially charged Virginia, will Governor Ralph Northam survive blackface scandal?

in Politics & Social Justice by

The upheaval of Virginia’s political climate seems to be far from calming down.

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