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Two blackface confessions, two sexual assault accusations and one state’s Democrats sit in political chaos

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Virginia’s upheaval in the past ten days leaves the positions of the top three office holders of the state in question. Now Democrats scramble to prepare for the backlash.

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Woke, but tired: Trappings and love languages of freedom for Black millennials

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“The American dream, the idea that anyone can succeed through hard work, is one of the most enduring myths in this country,” penned newly minted author and journalist, Reniqua Allen in a NY Times article.

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Domineque Ray, Alabama inmate loses appeal for Muslim cleric during execution

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US Supreme Court 5-4 ruling favors prison’s refusal to allow Death Row inmate’s spiritual counsel of choice.

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The Night Drive is Sexy AF with Numa Perrier of Showtime’s ‘SMILF’

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With “Sak Pase, Sexy?” as it’s titled, this week’s Night Drive revs up to talk all about SMILF, a new Showtime comedy that serves as an acronym for single mom I’d like to fuck. In this joyride, Nobi and Embassy try their best to make the ‘F’ bomb more “PG” rated, but as much as they finagle the word, the brilliance of this thought provoking series remains.

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Heat and power restored at Brooklyn jail after almost a week

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  • ACtivist-outside-jails.jpg
    Rally outside of Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. Demonstrators protest the lack of heat and power for almost week during the winter months. Photo Credit: Congresswoman Carolyn Malonye's (D-NY) Twitter page

Activists, elected officials cry “inhumane” treatment for 1,600 inmates left to freeze for almost a week in New York jail.

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Freezing cells, lack of food and other deplorable conditions in Brooklyn detention center raise questions on human rights violations, criminal prosecution

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  • Nydia-Velazquez-at-MDC-entry.jpg
    Nydia Velazquez preparing for MDC tour. Photo credit: Nydia Velazquez Twitter page
  • Nydia-Velazquez-in-front-of-MDC.jpg
    Nydia Velazquez and Jumaane Williams talk to crowd outside of MDC. Photo credit: Nydia Velazquez Twitter page
  • Protestors-at-MDC.jpg
    Demonstrators at Metropolitan Detention Center calling for officials to turn on power and heat. Photo credit: Nydia Velazquez Twitter page

For almost a week, detainees in the Metropolitan Detention Center went unwashed, cold and hungry. According to reports from those inside, inmates developed colds, and those who were already sick were not receiving adequate care if any.

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‘Say word’: Poetry, prose and spoken word comes to Ark Republic’s Ark Weekender

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Welcome to our first post dedicated to the litany of contributors who offer their view of the world via poems. An Ark Weekender original, this section opens its poetry book to show you the creative voices of people around the world.

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From Blerds to Badass AfroPuertorriquenõs, the Seventh Annual Black Comic Book Festival Continues to Make an Impact

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  • BCBF-Vendor-and-Cosplay.jpg
  • BCBF-Black-Villians-Matter-Panel.jpg
  • BCBF-Black-Issues-and-Cosplay.jpg
  • BCBE-Yorli-Huff.jpg
  • BCBF-Over-10000-attendees.jpg
  • BCBF-McLean-Moises.jpg
  • BCBF-Cosplay-particpants-invoke-their-favorite-characters.jpg
  • BCBF-Coming-of-Age-in-Comics-Black-Boys-in-Comics.jpg
  • BCBF-childrens-playground.jpg
  • BCBF-Borinquena.jpg

On January 18 and 19, the 7th annual Black Comic Book Festival took place at The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem, the Black Mecca.

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Satchmo’s legacy lives at Louis Armstrong House Museum

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  • Louis-Armstrong-NYC-digital-archives-1-e1549113698682.jpg
    Louis Armstrong, one of the foremost musicians in the world. Photo credit: NYC digital archives
  • Louis-Armstrong-Museum-photo-by-Gabby.jpg
    Louis Armstrong House Museum. Photo credit: Gabrielle Lenhard
  • Satchmo-Our-neighborhood-manuscript-photo-by-Gabby-Lenhard.jpg
    Unpublished manuscript by Louis Armstrong. Photo credit: Gabrielle Lenhard

To travel into the home and hearth of one of the most prolific musicians in the world, you must travel to the heart of Queens in an assuming neighborhood.

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More than 70 years of creating art, Gladys Barker Grauer continues to innovate

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Artist Gladys Barker Grauer has spent most of her life in activism and art, and sees she still has more work to do. In the meantime, her nine decades of dedication are being honored.

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