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Senator Booker’s reparations bill gets a boost in sponsorship

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Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) makes gains on his landmark reparations bill, S. 1083, with 12 sponsors.

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Apple rolls out iPhone, iPad and Mac features upgrading usage and look | Tech Talk

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Uravgconsumer just finished immersing themselves in Apple products at the tech company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference. After geeking out on the latest features, they have much to review on new iPhone, iPad and Mac tech.

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House hearing on reparations initiates complex discussion

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Testimonies at last week’s House hearing examining the proposed reparations bill, H.R. 40, re-confirmed an indisputable fact—slavery built America. Across the board, those who testified pointed to specific injustices Blacks faced after slavery and generations later. However, when it came to ways in offering restorative justice, if any reparations at all, ideas diverged.

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House hearing on Juneteenth to hear reparations testimony for H.R. 40

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The current call for reparations for Blacks in the United States gets a bump up in legislative discourse with a hearing scheduled on Wednesday, July 19.

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The World is a Gamble: Politics and hair meet at the coif roads | Comic Strip

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For people with curls and coil patterns in the hair, the way they style it has been a political dance at the coif-roads.

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New York Public Radio goes live in benefit

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Ark Republic is part of growing ecosystem of news media working outside of mainstream channels. That’s why we said, “hell yes” to an invitation from New York Public Radio (NYPR) to join them for their 2nd annual New York Public Radio LIVE at Brooklyn Bowl on Thursday.

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Protecting Florida’s Everglades turn local Indigenous nations into loudest environmental activists

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Centuries ago, the Miccosukee Nation were forced to migrate to the Everglades. Now, Indigenous environmental activists lead the call to protect it.

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Tackling climate change is not an option for the Carribbean insists CARICOM

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Caribbean leaders’ commitment to being at the forefront of addressing climate change is now a matter of their region’s survival. As extreme polarizing weather continues, the Caribbean becomes more vulnerable to future natural crisis and the environmental issues that they already face.

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Calls for reopening of cases belonging to Central Park Five prosecutor, Linda Fairstein, after movie unveils unethical law practices during high profile trial

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Linda Fairstein and a number of police officers made their careers from the Central Park Five case. Now, Fairstein has become the defendant amid questions of her practices in the high profile trial that sent innocent youth to jail.

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Win, lose or draw: Tezlyn Figaro files lawsuit against Our Revolution, says Black operatives faced issues during Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential bid | Watch

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Political and communication strategist, Tezlyn Figaro once served as National Director of Justice for the Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign. In 2018, she says she was fired from Sanders surrogate organization, Our Revolution, for her staunch African American advocacy. Now she sues for wrongful termination and racial discrimination.

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