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White allies or white takeover in Portland’s BLM protests?

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Now in its ninth week of demonstrations, Portland protesters maintain a line of resistance. Yet, it is mostly white. One local leader says Black Lives Matter demonstrations have turned into a “white spectacle.”

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Pound cakes for the people: Meet Chef Cassandra who raised over $2k in a few days selling sweets

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Chef Cassandra wanted to evoke change, and do it for a worthy cause: Ark Republic. So she joined the #BakersAgainstRacism campaign to raise over $2k by selling her grandmother’s famous Georgia pound cakes. Now the orders cannot stop coming in.

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House votes to repeal Trump travel ban denounced as anti-Muslim

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The vote, which further restricts the president’s powers to limit entry into the United States, is a victory for Muslim Americans and civil rights groups. 

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Where do we go from here? Notes on the Oprah Winfrey town hall, part 2 | Podcast

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In the second discussion that breaks down Oprah Winfrey’s town hall discussing hundreds of demonstrations that racked America, Lisa Durden podcast continues to explore topics that emerged during weeks of intense protests around the country

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European advocacy group calls out Apple for rigging iPhones, demands refund to consumers

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When an advocacy group received a host of complaints regarding the accelerated decline of iPhones, they discovered that Apple intentionally planned for them to break down.

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‘B*tches get stuff done.’ Rep. Ocasio-Cortez introduces legislation after white male colleague calls her the b-word

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A day after Rep. Ocasio-Cortez responds to a gender epithet, she introduces a bill requiring Feds to identify themselves. 

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Rising unemployment, stimulus check, boycotts, BREATHE Act, birth control, a Karen bites the dust, Nick Cannon and the Red Table Talk catches fire | Podcast

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Another week covering a range of current affairs, we dig into critical issues of the nation, and some entertainment news.

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Oh Boya: If it’s Goya, it has to be no good

in Culinary Traditions & Food Ways/Latin America by

In the news for its CEO’s excessive groveling, Goya Foods finds itself in a pickle. 

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Brazil’s Bolsonaro is ‘the worst Covid president in the world’

in Crisis & Natural Disasters/Latin America by

As Covid-19 rages through Brazil, its president falls under scrutiny.

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Doth Protest Too Much | World is a Gamble | Comic Strip

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Da Gambling man’s comic, The World is a Gamble, continues with a humorous, but sobering look into conversations around recent protests. Is it beneficial to destroy  property? Who is causing the real destruction? With the protests, are they ushering in the change needed?

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