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Kwanzaa: A tradition in empowerment serves as alternative holiday

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Photo by Wanyoike Mbugua

For African Americans, or people of African descent who have been living in the United States since enslavement, the celebration of Kwanzaa starts on December 26 and ends New Year’s Day.

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For some Christmas celebrants, the holiday season continues with Boxing Day

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Caribbean islands once under British colonial authority have re-mixed an English tradition to became a cultural mainstay, generations later.

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Boucherie fêtes for Santa in a Southeastern town

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Christmas comes in many ways. In Louisiana, Santa is more likely given gumbo or beignets rather than a sugar cookie.

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The Grinch who stole America

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Much like the fabled thief who enjoyed snatching joy and kindness from the world, Donald Trump attempts to snatch good tidings out of the holiday season. Let’s take it back.

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New Jersey’s Ramapough Lunaape fight for Constitutional protections and state recognition

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While Mahwah Township tries to prevent the local Native tribe from participating in their outdoor prayer ceremonies and the state government attempts to usurp their recognition, the Ramapough Lunaape tribal members refuse the denial of their constitutional rights.

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FBI says TV personality, Lisa Durden was on hit list of mail package bomber Cesar Sayroc

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Black woman commentator and Ark Republic contributor finds out that she was on the radar of Florida mail bombing suspect.

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An educator writes about dealing with molestation and rape as a child and teen against the backdrop of the #Meetoo movement, as well as, the Bill Cosby sexual assault trial and Senate Judiciary hearings on the appointment of Bret Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Justice.

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Britain’s Windrush Generation scandal: Predictions, reflections and solutions

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After living and working in the UK for over fifty years, the Windrush Generation continues to fight against Britain’s deportation efforts.

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Town hall tackles sexual assault featuring NYC Commissioners

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Ark Republic partners with women-lead companies for a town hall to discuss the prevalent issues around sexual assault and harassment.

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Día de los Muertos, a Latin American tradition making death a colorful holiday

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  • dia-de-la-muertos.jpg
    Mission San Luis Rey, CA - 28 October 2018: Older woman with sugar skull (Catrina) makeup at Day of the Dead celebration (Dia de los Muertos)
  • dia-de-la-muertos-angela-wolz.jpg
  • dia-de-la-muertos-cristian-newman.jpg
  • dia-de-la-muertos-finn-gross-maurer.jpg
  • dia-de-la-muertos-marius-christensen.jpg
  • dia-de-la-muertos-salvador-altamirano-.jpg

In the 1970s, Chicano activists brought Mexican traditions honoring the dead to the United States. Decades later, skeletons and cemetery celebrations are the norm in some cities.

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